Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a fitting take?

A full 14 Club Fitting takes 2.5 hours, a Partial Fitting takes 2 Hours, and a Single Club Fitting is 1.25 Hours, Corporate Fittings are 4 hours long. 

Where are you located?

Our fitting lab is located at 7250 Aviara Drive, Carlsbad 92011. We share the building with Kip Puterbaugh’s Aviara Golf Academy.  Take Aviara Dr. off Batiquitos Dr, drive halfway up the hill. Park on the street near the TaylorMade Aviara Performance Center sign by the cart path. Follow the cart path by foot to the TaylorMade Aviara Performance Center.

Is the fitting indoors or outdoors?

Our fitting system is a combination of indoor and outdoor. You will have your swing captured indoors in our 3D Gears system and have your clubs assessed. Once we have built clubs to your specifications, the performance of the clubs are validated outside on the grass driving range. 

Am I able to order clubs from you?

We are able to order clubs for you to your exact specifications. It is a no pressure environment and you are not obligated to order from us. We charge minimum advertised prices on all of our clubs to ensure the customer is getting clubs at the best price. 

How long does it take to get the clubs from my golf club fitting I order?

On most orders, clubs will arrive at your doorstop in 2 weeks time. There will be instances of clubs arriving earlier or later depending on the club’s demand and where we are shipping it.

Are you able to fit for all clubs in the bag?

Absolutely. We fit for wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway woods, drivers and putters.